A bit more about Opaay

Creating a fairer, more cost effective payment solution for merchants, acquirers and consumers worldwide

Shaping the future of payments processing

Traditional payment processing is too expensive and slow, so we created the Opaay opening banking platform to tackle the key problems in the industry.  

Open Banking from the Beginning

We’ve been here since the very beginning, developing our unique Open Banking platform with plug and play features that re-write payment processing. Our technology team lives and breathes payments and have been innovating for over 20 years to create award winning, payment solutions used by millions of consumers every day.

Our Leadership

Andy Acton


Andy is a experienced NED, Business Owner & Advisor, Founded/Co-Founded a number of Insuretech/SaaS companies. 

Robert Atkin


Robert has worked in payments innovation for over 30 years and has won numerous awards for most disruptive payment technology. 

Hina Patel FCCA


Hina works alongside entrepreneurs planning and raising finance and draws upon 20 years of experience working as a CFO. 

Roy Rodford


Roy is a NED and Tech Business Founder/Owner specialising in Fintech and Digital Media. 

Nick Carlson


Nick is a marketing Leader with over 20 year’s experience marketing with software and technology companies internationally. 

Michael King

Non-Exec Director

Michael was previously CEO of SWIFT.

Steve Bailey

Non-Exec Director

Steve is an entrepreneur and UK Government cabinet office adviser.  


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