Open banking payments for your merchants

Turbo charge your payment solution with Open Banking

Provide a true multi payment solution for online retailers

Integrate Opaay with your payment solution and instantly allow merchants to accept more diverse payments.

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Just one payment gateway for all your merchants’ services and requirements

One easy to integrate gateway allows you to provide your merchants with the full range of payment services from a single source.

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Quick to setup and integrate seamlessly with all major ecommerce platforms ​

Fully integrated with shopping carts using FREE plugs ins for major ecommerce platforms including woocommerce and magento. ​

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Up to 90% cheaper than conventional payment options

You get a fixed transactional cost rather than a percentage irrespective of transaction value

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One integration framework

All the payments features you need in one place and configurable in minutes.

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Reporting made easy

Banish reporting and reconciliation headaches by consolidating payment transactions into a single unified platform.

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Third Party Integrations

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Any form of payment

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KYC, AML, ID-verification

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FX, Digital

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