The Fintech Framework

Accelerate your fintech or payments business in minutes

The Fintech Framework and its extended modular Frameworks

The Opaay Fintech framework is your technology stack box for payments including Open Banking, Fintech, Blockchain, AI and Crypto Currency.

Accelerate your Fintech or payments business with our highly functional integration system, that can be provisioned in days for a fraction of the cost of developing the systems inhouse.

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The Fintech Framework

The Fintech Framework connects any software to any software system or solution and can be extended with a series of modular frameworks including:

Enhance existing systems by integrating the Fintech Framework and any of the additional Frameworks and modules with ease. Our standard systems can be provisioned in days and bespoke solutions very quickly with extensive connections built in as standard.

The Fintech Framework

Opaay Payment Platforms
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The Payments Framework

Add the Payments Framework and create a state-of-the-art payment gateway with all the solutions and options you require: Cards, Open Banking, Digital Wallets, Crypto integration, multiple KYC, AML and ID options.

To make it easy to bring merchants on board we provide the option of a white label e-commerce system with simple to install Plug-ins (WooComerce and Magento 2), so your merchants can live with Open Banking and all your other options in as little as 10 minutes.

The Open Bank Framework includes:

Opaay Payments

Advanced payment technology for all services available under Open Banking mandates: ecommerce, standing orders. (Direct Debits & Request to Pay coming soon)

Opaay Data

Take advantage of the ability to see data/actions in your customers accounts not least for credit checking and other insights.

Opaay Escrow

Fully automated or manual escrow processing on the blockchain, fully secure, automated collection and disbursal per milestones.

Opaay FX

Tightly integrated fully automated FX from payment through to delivery on your chosen currency by individual transaction as required.

Opaay Wallet

All the benefits of digital wallets from instant global transfers to automated payouts controlled from your phone integrated with Open Banking.

Opaay Connectors

Free ecommerce plug-ins for your shopping carts – be live on Open Banking in 10 minutes.

Opaay Transaction Billing Systems

Systems for collecting transaction fees, pre or post transaction.

Opaay Payout Systems

Mass transactions, payouts on a regular cycle, fully automated.

Opaay Powered Trading Systems:

Make fully automated payouts and collections.

Opaay EPOS

Faster, safer, cheaper EPOS system without long-lock in contracts or expensive terminals (coming soon).

Opaay Contactless

Contactless transactions processed via Open Banking – faster, cheaper, safer (coming soon).

​The Crypto Framework

Benefit from years of experience in crypto currencies and the underlying technologies, including stable coins, and integration with normal currencies.

The Crypto Framework will provide you with:

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The Blockchain Framework

Opaay is a specialist in Blockchain techniques and solutions together with associated technologies & services.

The Blockchain Framework provides:

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